Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBiS) and Champs

Gardendale Elementary implements PBiS and Champs. The purpose is to ensure effective school-wide and classroom management plans to prevent misbehavior and help students become increasingly respectful, responsible, motivated and highly engaged in instructional activities.

  1. The goal of the discipline and classroom management plan is to empower all staff at Gardendale Elementary School to create a "Safe, Civil and Productive School."
  1. "CHAMPS" is the behavior management system for the school and all school staff will be trained, and will fully implement the program.
  1. In order to continuously support our students, Gardendale staff will follow the STOIC Method in implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the program. STOIC is an adjective meaning "tending to remain unemotional, showing patience, and endurance in the face of adversity." The STOIC Method implements five variables:

    • STRUCTURE (organize) your classroom to prevent misbehavior.
    • TEACH your expectations regarding how to be successful within the structure you have created. (CHAMP it out)
    • OBSERVE whether students are meeting expectations. (Monitor!)
    • Use proximity, circulate, visually scan, and use meaningful and engaging instructional practices.
    • INTERACT positively with students. Provide frequent non-contingent attention to build relationships. Provide age appropriate feedback to acknowledge students' effort to be successful.
    • CORRECT misbehavior fluently (briefly, calmly, consistently, immediately, and (as much as possible, privately)
  1. Both staff and students shall strive to demonstrate the behaviors listed in the Gardendale Guidelines for Success. Gardendale Guidelines for Success include:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
  1. In addition, students at Gardendale Elementary will have initial and ongoing instruction as needed; in the Common Areas to ensure students are aware of expectations. Common areas are defined as: hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, assemblies, playground, and arrival/dismissal. Common are instruction is launched at the monthly PBiS rallies and teachers reteach in their classrooms.
  1. Individual classroom management is based upon a positive, proactive discipline system (CHAMPS). All classroom teachers are responsible for the development of their own, individual classroom management system based upon the CHAMPS philosophy.
  1. School wide expectations and consequences have been developed by a committee of grade level and other representatives of the school and brought before the staff for approval/revisions. Changes to common areas, etc. will be made on an improvement cycle which will include: Review, Prioritize, Revise, Adopt, and Implement yearly.
  1. All staff is expected to provide frequent positive feedback when students are meeting expectations. Staff is to utilize the Gardendale Bucks when recognizing students for following Gardendale's guidelines for success or giving out compliments to individual students or classes. Compliment boards can be found in each classroom. Staff is encouraged to compliment students/classes for following the campus expectations in each common area.